6 Tips For Picking The Best Affordable Women’s Watch

Women Shopping | 6 Tips For Picking The Best Affordable Women’s Watch

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2019 is a great year for women’s watches.

Women worldwide are celebrating the sheer amount of choice they have today in watches of all kinds. The modern woman has her choice of the glamor of women’s luxury watches and technologically advanced smartwatches for women.

She needs to only decide on the right watch for her.

Why You Have More Choice for an Affordable Women’s Watch Today

Today, women’s wristwatches are designed to tell more than just the time.

They are an integral fashion accessory item for many fashionistas. The aesthetic appeal is more important than the functionality of women’s wristwatches.

However, it doesn’t stop there.

In our current technology-driven society, women’s wristwatches that have health and exercise monitoring features are just as important for some women as the look of the watch itself. These smartwatches go beyond telling the time and looking good — they encourage women to take care of their health.

If you’re on a tight budget or are looking for a simple watch to tell you the time, we have some great suggestions for picking out the best affordable women’s watch for your wrist.

1. Choose According to Your Sense of Style

Sporty. Traditional. Trendy. You know your style.

Choosing an affordable women’s watch is no different than choosing the perfect dress for an evening out.

If you’re a health and exercise addict, then a smartwatch is your best bet.

A traditional lady? Try women’s luxury watches that are perfect for an evening out or in.

Like to keep up with the latest fashion? Check out a luxury watch from some of the most popular brands on the market today.

Age also matters here. The type of watch that a middle-aged woman and teenage girl wear will differ in style, shape, band size, and features. A middle-aged woman would be best with a luxury watch — after all, she’s earned it. On the other hand, it would be appropriate to buy a teenage girl a watch with a bracelet wristband and decorative design.

Woman Looking To Buy a Watch | 6 Tips For Picking The Best Affordable Women’s Watch

2. Material Girl: Pay Attention to the Materials in the Watch

Before purchasing your new watch, be sure to ask your jeweler about the materials used in the watch’s wristband.

Traditionally, watches were made of gold for both durability and aesthetic reasons. However, now, popular watch materials are stainless steel, ceramic, titanium, and rubber/silicone.

Those of you who are sensitive to jewelry should be wary of watches made with nickel or zinc as these could cause rashes. Fortunately, and unfortunately for you, the expensive material for wristwatch bands and watch dials is the way to go.

3. Smartwatch for Women? Consider the Technological Features of the Watch

If you’re a sporty woman who takes care of her health and fitness, you should consider the technological features of a watch.

These watches tend to track your heart rate, exercise and sedentary times, and sleep activity.

A great smartwatch for women in the market right now is the Fitbit Versa Smartwatch. With a battery life lasting about three days, you’ll be able to track your heart rate, sleep, and menstrual cycle. Once paired with your smartphone, you’ll receive incoming calls, messages, and notifications also. It is waterproof and costs $198.91 via Amazon.

If you’re looking for a women’s watch under $100, you may be interested in the TOOBUR fitness tracker. For $29.88, you can explore the watch’s 14 different activity modes that measure steps, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. The TOOBUR fitness tracker is a great choice for a smartwatch and affordable women’s watch.

4. The Movement of the Watch

There are two major movements of a watch today: mechanical and Quartz.

You’ll most often see luxury watches with mechanical movements because of the level of quality and attention to detail involved in these movements. In a watch that uses mechanical movement, you’ll notice the second hand moving in a sweeping motion.

There are two types of mechanical movements also: manual and automatic. The manual movement is the most traditional type of movement for a watch in which the watch must be hand-wound in order to create energy in the watch’s spring. The automatic movement, often referred to as “self-winding,” automatically winds according to the natural energy harnessed in the motions of the wearer’s wrist.

The Quartz movement is very accurate — moving in a staccato-like pace hitting the individual second ticks as it moves. While watches with a Quartz movement are low cost since they are battery powered, they are also less desirable among watch enthusiasts because they lack technical craftsmanship.

Today, the Quartz movement is a popular choice, but for those watch connoisseurs among you, the automatic will be more favorable for you.

Woman Checking Time On Her Watch | 6 Tips For Picking The Best Affordable Women’s Watch

5.  The Band of the Watch

As with the material that the watch is made of, it’s important to pay attention to the band of the watch to avoid purchasing a watch whose band will irritate your skin.

Leather straps and various metal straps are a popular choice. However, keep in mind that leather can irritate the skin if sweat and other body oils come into contact with the strap.

A quick way to solve this issue before it becomes a problem is to consider a watch with interchangeable straps. If you’re not interested in a women’s luxury watch, you should find a durable and strong affordable women’s watch from the multitude in Casio’s line of watches.

When purchasing metal link straps, you may need to adjust the strap by requesting the jeweler take out a few links in the strap.

6. Consider These Stylish Affordable Women’s Watch Brands

Yes, it is possible to buy a stylish and affordable women’s watch. You have many options to choose from with these watch brands.

Timex, the watch company that’s been around since 1854, offers a wide line of classy women’s watches. While those with a stainless-steel bracelet tend to cost a little over $200 with tax, those with a leather strap are typically under $100.

Casio has introduced a variety of different watches to compete with luxury and sports watches on the market. You’ll be able to find a watch for all occasions with Casio — be it a dress casual event, sports function, or evening out. You should have no trouble finding an affordable women’s watch.

Olivia Burton, the London-based accessories brand, offers a selection of luxury women’s watches. Their line of watches features a large dial with a thinner strap — creating an elegant look. The line of watches plays with lighter colors and floral patterns for a classy finish.

Woman Sitting With Table | 6 Tips For Picking The Best Affordable Women’s Watch

Choose the Women’s Watch that Matches Your Style Best

When choosing an affordable women’s watch to put on your wrist, remember what to look for in this watch.

Think about who you’re buying the watch for. Is it yourself or your teenage daughter?

Take a look at the materials, technological features, movement, and band of the watch.

Whether for a health reason or excuse to dress up at the office, you’ll find the right watch for you if you know what you’re looking for.

What are some of your tips for finding the best affordable women’s watch?

Share with us in the comments below!

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