Mid-Season Trends: Bracelets for Women

Bracelets | Mid-Season Trends: Bracelets for Women

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It’s never too late to catch up on the latest trends in women’s fashion jewelry. You’re joining in just in time for the spring season.

The pieces that are long and dangle, bulky and many, and ordinary yet unique dominate this year’s trends in jewelry.

Jewelry such as below-the-shoulder, dangling earrings are hot these days. Bulky and multi-colored bracelets are trending. Unique shapes such as feathers, shells, coins, and even cutlery are vogue.

Last year, the world saw big and bold designs in bracelets for women that added the final touch to a killer outfit. This year, the trend of bold, gold and multiple bracelets continues.

80s Fashion Resurrected in Bracelets for Women 2019

In last year’s Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Week, designers showed that girls just want to have fun with their 80s nostalgic jewelry.

Oversized hoop earrings, beaded necklaces, gold-plated pieces, and charmed bracelets of the 80s are coming back this year.

Here are 7 trends in bracelets for women that you’ll notice this year.

Chunky Bracelets | Mid-Season Trends: Bracelets for Women

1. Chunky Bracelets for Women

Chunky bangles are vogue again. You can stack them along your arms for an edgy look or carefully chose a single, unique bangle for an artistic finish to an outfit. Wear a single bangle to work for a creative look or dress up an outfit with multiple bangles for a night on town.

Choose your bangle wisely according to color. In the South Eastern Asian cultures, especially India, the color of the bangle bears with it a specific meaning. For example, purple bangles symbolize independence while silver ones represent strength.

If you’re looking for affordable bracelets for women, try Alex and Ani bracelets. For designer style bangles, consider Balenciaga and Marni bracelets for size.

These bracelets will cost anywhere from $40 to $350 depending on the style and brand name of the bracelet.

2. Chain Link Bracelets for Women

Chain link bracelets will be a unique addition to your jewelry collection. These bracelets could feature thinner chain links for a classier look or a larger chain links for a bolder finish.

You can pair these bracelets for women with matching chain link necklaces and earrings, which are also very popular.

If you decide to go with just the bracelet, these bracelets can be dressed up or casually worn with stylish shirts for a simple, elegant finish.

For affordable bracelets for women, you can find these bracelets at Forever 21 or other teen outlet stores. Looking for a designer collection? Check out bracelets by Kate Spade, Rachel Comey, or Alighieri.

3. Circles in Bracelets

Circles have, historically, been very popular choices for jewelry. Ancient civilizations used the shape to express their philosophical musings and connection to the spiritual world. Circles symbolize perfection, eternity, the sky or even the soul in many cultures — a major reason the engagement ring is in the shape of a circle.

It’s no surprise then that these shapes are popular in bracelets for women today. The shape of bracelets themselves is a circle. You’ll find these shapes as small pendants in charm bracelets, gemstones, and even round chain links.

For affordable bracelets for women, check out J.Crew’s line of bracelets. Interested in designer brands? Prada and Dior will have your fix.

Healing Bracelets | Mid-Season Trends: Bracelets for Women

4. Healing Bracelets with Meaning

Healing bracelets for women are all the rage today.

Women are wearing bracelets with gemstones that claim to have various healing properties. Lava healing rocks come in black and yellow beads. These volcanic stones aid in boosting virility.

Another popular precious healing gemstone is sapphire, which is believed to activate your throat chakra or energy. Some cultures believe that when the throat chakra is activated, you can express your thoughts and feelings clearly.

Blue tiger eye is also a popular choice among women today. The healing stone enhances your connection with your personal will power, softens stubbornness, and engenders self-confidence.

You can wear these healing bracelets for dressy occasions, casual events, and even while sleeping. Many women wear these bracelets for protection at night as these stones have high energy properties.

A good place to find these types of bracelets is Nialaya Jewelry, which offers 38 different types of precious and semi-precious stones from which to create your personalized piece of jewelry.

These bracelets can go for anywhere between $24.95 to $59.95 on the market.

5. Gold Bracelets for Women

It’s unlikely that gold will ever go out of fashion.

Some argue that gold bracelets for women are a sign of respect. Others say that gold symbolizes divine love in Christian tradition.

Gold is a still in vogue today for a few reasons. The first is that gold jewelry typically jives well with any outfit and any occasion.

Another reason gold is a great choice in jewelry is that it is a pure element. If you have an allergic reaction to jewelry made from impure materials, you will be better off with a gold bracelet as this material won’t irritate your skin.

You can find gold bracelets at many online jewelry stores. The price tends to vary based on the design and labor work of the making of the piece of jewelry. New and custom-made pieces of gold jewelry will be more expensive than those already made.

A good place to purchase designer gold jewelry is Tiffany. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny or two on these bracelets for women.

Charm Bracelets | Mid-Season Trends: Bracelets for Women

6. Charm Bracelets

Charms are very popular in bracelets for women. From New England Patriots to four-leaf clovers, farm animals, and whatever else you can think of. Anything and everything under the sun can be turned into a charm.

Charm bracelets usually feature bright colored beads with a few unique charms in between the beads. These bracelets can be worn for any occasion and even while sleeping.

Alex and Ani bracelets and Tiffany bracelets are great choices to purchase charm bracelets from.

These bracelets can cost anywhere from $28 to $420.

7.  Mismatched Bold Stones and Colors

As was the case with 80s vogue, mismatched gemstones and colored beads are high fashion today.

You’ll find colors such as red and purple, green and orange, and brown and black being matched together.

While these pairings typically don’t go together, they work in a beaded bracelet or as gemstones.

For affordable bracelets for women, you can look at Alex and Ani bracelets. You can find designer bracelets at many fashion outlets such as Versace, Fendi, and Saint Laurent.

Flaunt Your Bracelets this Upcoming Season

Don’t get caught wearing last season’s bracelets for women on the street. Whether it’s a magical healing bracelet or chunky bangle your sporting this spring, wear it with confidence.

Be sure to do your research before purchasing your new bracelets for women. Search around multiple online jewelry outlets to know the market value of the bracelet that you want.

What are some of the fashion trends in bracelets for women that you’re excited about?

Share with us in the comments below!

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