Celebrity Jewelry Fashion: How To Get The Look For Less

celebrity on red carpet | Celebrity Jewelry Fashion: How To Get The Look For Less

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Whether you’ve been flipping through the latest fashion magazines or watching epic red carpet displays, you’ve probably realized one thing:

You wish you could adorn yourself in all the fabulous jewelry these celebs wear (and sometimes get given for free) for the red carpet!

Well, now you can – and without the hefty price tags.

Thankfully, celebrity jewelry fashion can be emulated through more affordable, stylish pieces. Simply by understanding how to accessorize like a celebrity and what key pieces you need – you can feel red-carpet-ready wherever you’re going.

We’ll share the latest celebrity trends and tips for achieving celebrity jewelry style affordably.

Take a look!

The Latest Celebrity Jewelry Fashion Trends

You can probably get a good idea of the top celebrity fashion accessories by looking in magazines and on Pinterest and Instagram, but here are some of the key trends we’ve noticed in recent months:

Diamond Bracelets
This is a really classic look and is one that celebrities seem to be adopting again. It’s a timeless piece that you may already have in your jewelry collection and can be teamed with other fashionable pieces to create a show-stopping look. Obviously, for a truly celebrity-inspired look, it’s worth going the extra mile for the blingiest, sparkliest bracelet known to man.

Asymmetrical Earrings
If you thought all jewelry pieces need to be symmetrical, you were wrong. An increasing number of celebrities and fashionistas are rocking the asymmetrical look. This gives them an edgy style that allows them to mix and match their favorite pieces. From a diamond stud teamed with a long feather earring to a golden hoop complemented with a beaded earring, the possibilities are truly endless.

Don’t worry if you like things to be nice and even, though. Instead, you can just opt for statement pieces that are bolder than ever. The chunkier and heavier the earring, the better – and this includes studded varieties, too.

Tip: just purchase two pairs of earrings to mix and match. You can use one pair as a backup or give it to your bestie as a gift!

Layered Necklaces
Celebrities don’t do anything by halves, which is why they’ve taken the trend of layered necklaces to an extreme. As well as the choker-style necklace (which is adorned in detail, of course), they add two or three longer necklaces for a wonderfully eclectic look.

Pinky Rings
Love them or hate them, pinky rings seem to be something celebs are adopting. And if they’re incredibly wacky, that’s even better. Gold or rose gold designs tend to be the way forward.

Tips for Styling Those Celebrity Jewelry Replicas

As well as these fashion jewelry trends that are often easy to find, you’ll also find shops selling celebrity jewelry replicas that are designed to give you that star-studded look, every time.  

However, in order to make it look like you’ve bought these pieces from those key celebrity jewelry designers, you’ll need to make sure they ooze style and quality.

Nothing’s worse than cheap jewelry that looks, well – cheap!

silver jewelry on hands and wrist | Celebrity Jewelry Fashion: How To Get The Look For Less

So here are some ideas on how to give cheaper jewelry an expensive celebrity makeover:

1. Go for Duller Metals and Darker Colors

Super-shiny metals can be a huge giveaway that you’ve not splashed the cash on a piece of jewelry. They can soon look tacky which will detract from your overall look.

Instead, try to find less shiny pieces or metals in darker colors as these often evoke a more expensive feel.

2. Avoid Plastic Gemstones and Opt for Clear Crystals

Another thing that can look tacky if you’re not careful is plastic gemstones. While certain embellishments are key to statement jewelry, for those more glamorous pieces, try to stick to clear crystals. These will give you that luxury you’re looking for and without the risk of them looking “cheap.”

3. Watch Out for Jewelry That Makes Your Skin Turn Green

Imagine this:

You’ve dressed up to absolute perfection and feel like the true celebrity you are.

Halfway through the night, however, you look down to see that gorgeous “gold” jewelry you’re wearing has left a horrendous green mark on your skin.

How embarrassing!

Avoid this by watching out for nickel-, copper-, and gold-plated jewelry which can soon rub off on your skin.

4. Make the Right Kind of Statement with Your Necklace

Unfortunately, statement necklaces sometimes look cheap and common, despite the fact they’ve been designed to try and revamp a boring-looking outfit.

Look out for key statement necklaces that won’t look or feel inexpensive. These include sculptural designs, funky chokers, or pieces that are designed to boast an ethnic or vintage vibe.

5. Sometimes, Less is More

While celebrities don’t tend to adhere to the mantra, less is more – sometimes, it is the way to achieve the look you’re after.

For example, if you’re keen to emulate the elegance of Kate Middleton or want to style yourself like the English Rose, Kiera Knightley, wearing as much jewelry as possible isn’t going to cut it.

elegant woman with earrings | Celebrity Jewelry Fashion: How To Get The Look For Less

Instead, think about what feature you want to accentuate. If you’re wearing a plunging neckline, those gorgeous diamond (fake, needless to say) teardrop earrings will draw the eye right there.

5. Avoid Imitations that Look Like Imitations

While you’ll find plenty of celebrity jewelry imitations on the market, the last thing you need is obvious fakes.

That’s why it’s a good idea to avoid branded fakes or anything designed to closely resemble a particular designer’s jewelry. More often than not, these look replicated – and, therefore, cheap.

Instead, choose replicas that emulate the fashion styles celebs are opting for.

Or, start your own trend, like many celebrities do, by finding a piece of jewelry that as unique as you are.

6. Sidestep Jewelry that Looks and Feels Flimsy

Even though affordability is the key here, some cheaper jewelry can be incredibly lightweight. This flimsy style can often look cheap, e.g. simple chains that look as though they’ll snap as soon as you get them over your wrist.

Instead, look for chunkier (yet elegant) pieces, including thicker gold hoops and sturdier bracelets.

7. Raid the Family Heirlooms

Finally, one way to adorn yourself like a celebrity (for those really special occasions) is to borrow those treasured family heirlooms. Placed alongside other affordable pieces, these can really elevate your outfit and make you feel fabulous.

hand holding emerald pendant necklace | Celebrity Jewelry Fashion: How To Get The Look For Less

From that emerald ring your grandma used to wear to that diamond necklace your mom gave you, these pieces are ideal for elegant getups.

And while you wouldn’t want to wear them on a day-to-day basis, they are great for those red carpet events (or the office Christmas party).

How to Dress Like a Celebrity

Now that you’ve armed yourself with the latest fashion jewelry alongside those celebrity jewelry imitations, you just need to pull the look together by accessorizing like a celeb.

All this takes is a bold, confident edge that utilizes the hottest trends with your own unique personality. After all, a lot of today’s celebrities have gotten their fame through their individuality.

So while copying fashion jewelry celebrity style is great for achieving an on-trend look, adding your own style into the mix is perfect for making sure you turn heads!

What’s your favorite piece of celebrity jewelry fashion? And how have you achieved this look for less?

Please leave your comments below!

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