Mid-Season Trends: Earrings For Women

Earrings for Women | Mid-Season Trends: Earrings For Women

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Earrings have always been a source of joy and whimsy, allowing you to express the zaniest parts of your personality without making a full-blown fashion faux pas.

As individual trends come and go, styles stay the course. This season we’re seeing a lot of old favorites bursting onto the scene with exciting new looks.

While earrings have often been the finishing touch, subtle addition or even just a nod to glamor, they’re stepping out of the shadows. Just as with other jewelry this season, big statement earrings for women are “having a moment” as we say in the fashion world. Make it flashy, make it big, make it bold.

The key themes supporting these strong looks in women’s fashion earrings are extreme sizes and lengths, mismatching and multiples. Let’s have a look through what’s been gracing ears this season, and how you can recreate the look with affordable earrings for women. Listen up, you heard it here first.

Stud Muffin

The stud is timeless – it’s the first earring you’ll ever wear and a great way to showcase any of the season’s trends on a smaller scale. Don’t be fooled, these diminutive beauties aren’t to be underestimated, because stud earrings for women have got a lot to say for themselves this season.

Welcome to the stud trend you won’t be able to escape this season: layering. Just like necklaces, more is more. Elle is calling it the “curated ear”, and just like a collection of fine art, selection and placement matters.

Play on studs’ ability to be tiny yet striking with fun accents and twists depending on your piercings. Experiment, take some away, swap others in, it’s all about making that statement. Work to a theme, like stars moons and horoscopes, or stick to this season’s trend for mismatching.

If you’re feeling brave or already have multiple piercings, bolder placements are coming into the mainstream. Maximize the look with alternative piercings like the tash rook and contra conch.

Pearls continue to stray from your grandma’s jewelry box into wilder territory, even when it comes to this country club stud staple. Far from matching sets and beige slacks, we’re seeing way-oversized pearls bubbling up into new configurations in stud earrings for women.

Hoop Earrings | Mid-Season Trends: Earrings For Women

Cute Loops: Hoop Earrings for Women

According to Jennifer Fisher, ‘Queen of Hoops’, “trends change but they never really go away”, and that’s certainly true of hoops. This cyclical trend has already done a circuit this season and has been around even longer than that.

Hoop earrings for women are everything from street to punk to empowering. They’re all things to all people – the everyday, sophisticated update we can’t do without. However, the humble hoop is anything but basic.

First up is this season’s winning tweak, the heavy hoop. They’re not the subtle, sophisticated accents we know and love. Think bulky, heavy bars and their twisted sisters. Get bent out of shape over these oversized statements and jagged styles and even loom-inspired netted designs.

On the delicate side of hoop fashion is the classic crescent. We’re seeing cut-out sections all over the catwalk for a-symmetric and lopsided looks. Merging with this trend is that of our updated pearls. Floating or ‘orbiting’ stones are everywhere at the moment.

Golden Rules, OK

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but this timeless metal is her sister, partner in crime and straight up homie. Every season sees gold earrings for women play host to the hot trends, itself never fading from style.

The most arresting style in earrings for women this season is the ear cuff, and the more extreme the better. With the trend for layering and multiple piercings coming strong out of the gate, here’s a way to get the bad-girl biker look without a permanent reminder. As expected, go for big, bold, gold shapes, gravity-defying and even multiple pieces.

Cuffs don’t have to take over, they’re a gorgeous way to pull off a subtle, delicate design too. Add them as a complementary element to your layered studs or even alongside your main earrings. The perfect punchy style for the season and a great way to do a mismatched, single earring. Cuff ‘em with your ear art!

Linked is most definitely in; chains are no longer just for neck glam with gold earrings for women. The chameleon of the mid-season trends, you’ll see chains formed into their counterparts hoops and drop earrings. All you lovers of retro will be pleased to hear that we’re still paying homage to the 80s, just make sure your chains are gold, covered in diamonds and resting on your shoulders.

Big Earrings | Mid-Season Trends: Earrings For Women

Long Lines for Drop Earrings

Perhaps the one time you’ll want to drop the ball. This season’s trend for the extreme in women’s fashion earrings extends to their length, with many designs falling below the shoulder. Some of these rib-grazers are basically pulling double-duty as necklaces.

In terms of styles, drop earrings for women are not only going longer, but bolder and embellished; you won’t get away with sacrificing colors and jewels for length. Beads or this season’s staple, pearls both work well with this look. You can even spell it out slowly with another flashback trend, the logo earring.

The final part of the drop earring long game is another blurring of the lines with necklace-like mobile pieces. Diamond earrings for women are catching the light like never before with these chandelier styles.

The Best of the Rest

Now for everything else that’s from the catwalk that will be making its way onto your lobes this season. Look out for these up and coming trends and themes.

Find your tribe with an old favorite. This spring update on our boho, feathered friends comes just in time for festival season. Make it totally 2019 with Louis Vuitton’s single feather look for women’s fashion earrings. Maximize and combine with the drop earring trend by taking it way beyond your shoulder. Yankee Doodle Dandy!

For spring and summer, color is coming – or maybe it never left? Either way, it’s bright and bold, with playful shades and unique silhouettes in chunky enamel. Stones get their pop of color too, breaking out of diamond earrings’ frosty winter.

Speaking of stones, the retro revival rages on. Think rhinestones, disco balls, lightning flashes, and geometric shapes. The 70s and 80s renaissance lend itself well to the enduring themes of color and oversized, statement pieces.

Fitting in nicely with color and enamel’s time in the sun are cute spring flowers. Make them tiny, delicate and realistic accent pieces, or plant a bejeweled garden.

Sticking to the realistic theme, take a chance on repurposing the everyday. It’s been big in jewelry and accessories in general, and earrings for women are no different. From work-appropriate paperclip chains to coat hooks, drawer pulls and other hardware. We’ve always got time for a well-placed punk safety pin.

Ears Looking at You, Kid

Whatever earrings you wear this season, you’d better be ready to make a style statement. It’s definitely not the time for shy subtlety, even studs are going overboard. We think mismatching is such a fun and easy way to update your look. You can keep it one-sided or add a contrasting piece. If in doubt, go big, go long and go you.

What do you think of the big looks in earrings for women this season?

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