How To Use Fashion Jewelry Accessories To Style Any Outfit

jewelry boxes | How To Use Fashion Jewelry Accessories To Style Any Outfit

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Two questions for you. Do you love all the latest fashion jewelry accessories? Is your closet full of Instagram-worthy outfits?

Wondering how you bring the two together?

It’s simple.

You use those unique jewelry pieces to finish off and complement your fashion styling. Jewelry can always take any outfit from drab to FAB.

We’ll show you exactly how to do this.

What Fashion Jewelry Accessories Do You Need?

Before we dive into the ins and outs of accessorizing your wardrobe, it’s crucial you’ve armed yourself with all of the women’s fashion jewelry accessories you need.

Add key pieces as trends change, but make sure you’ve got a staple jewelry collection to turn to at all times.

Here’s what you should try and find (even if you only get them in a fashion jewelry sale!):

A Gold Chain: On its own, it oozes elegance but added with other fashionable pieces, it creates that eclectic layered look (which is so hot right now!).

A Charm Bracelet: Not only are charm bracelets the perfect way to create a sentimental trinket that stands the test of time, but they’re also ideal for incorporating with new trends. Charm bracelets easily work with bangles as well as other accessories, and this is due to their own diverse look.

Diamond Studs: OK, so they don’t necessarily need to be diamonds, but a classic pair of studs is a must-have. These little beauties complement any outfit, adding a wonderful sparkle. Plus, if you’ve got more than one piercing you can add to them with other earrings (e.g. hoops). Or, team one stud with one large statement earring for a truly standout look.

Stacking Rings: Also fitting in with the layered trend, these rings provide you with a great amount of scope. Wear them on their own when you want to keep things subtle or layer them up for a standout look.

A Gold or Silver Bangle: This is another timeless piece of jewelry that is easily added to other accessories. If you like to keep things simple, opt for elegant, sleek designs, or add a few embellishments (e.g. diamonds) for a hint of your glittering personality.

Gold Hoop Earrings: If these ever go out of fashion, we’ll eat our hats. Just like the diamond stud, they work with any outfit, adding a wonderfully discreet style. But if outlandish is more your thing, find some golden hoops that are more in keeping with your style (e.g. studded or carved-out designs or thicker hoops).

Now that you’ve got all of these key pieces, it’s time to team these with the latest fashion costume jewelry to accessorize in style.

1. Choose a Focal Point of Your Statement Jewelry

When you start shopping around for trendy jewelry, it’s easy to get carried away with lots of pieces that catch your eye. And while growing your collection isn’t a bad thing – wearing them all at the same time is!

For example, if you’ve gone for one of those fashion jewelry necklaces that boast chunky style and plenty of details, leave out the funky bangles and outlandish earrings.

Instead, team statement necklaces with stud earrings and simple bracelets so your neckline is given the attention it deserves.

woman wearing fashion necklace | How To Use Fashion Jewelry Accessories To Style Any Outfit

Focusing on a single piece or area of your body allows you to create a focal point that brings wow factor to your outfit.

2. Never Leave Your Wrists Untouched

If you don’t wear a watch or charm bracelet, you may often leave your wrists without anything on – but don’t.

For a truly fashionable look, nothing works better than numerous bracelets.

You’ll often find sets of bracelets sold together at costume jewelry stores, which takes a lot of the hard work out of finding complementing patterns and styles.

But don’t forget to also look in your jewelry box to see what’s already there and what you can mix with other pieces to achieve the look you’re after.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Your Metals

If you want to see how far women’s fashion jewelry has come, you only need to look at the fact that mixing metals is now encouraged.

A far cry from those matching sets everyone used to wear, mix-and-matched metal jewelry can really add a unique twist to your getup. It gives you unlimited possibilities when styling your outfit with jewelry.

silver and gold fashion jewelry | How To Use Fashion Jewelry Accessories To Style Any Outfit

So how do you mix things up without looking mixed up?

Start with classic pieces that you’ve already got, like that gold or silver bangle from your jewelry collection. Even a dainty gold necklace will do. Then, team these pieces with silver, gold, or rose gold fashion jewelry as well as more trendy colorful pieces (embellished bangles or necklaces).

The key to nailing this look is to choose which shade you want to dominate, then add subtle touches of other metallic colors to complement and enhance this.

4. Flip Your Necklace Around the Back

Yes, this does sound back to front but that’s exactly what it is, and there’s a reason for it.

When you’re wearing a high-neck dress or top that’s cut out at the back, you’ll often ditch your necklace because it doesn’t work well with the front of your outfit.

But what about the back?

Flip your favorite necklace around and watch as it transforms the back of your outfit from nice to sensational.

You’ll need a long necklace to make this work properly – one that hangs in the middle of your back. Or, you could even have a go at creating your own.

Just find a long chain and add your favorite ring to it for an effortlessly elegant look.

woman with loop earrings and loop pendant necklace | How To Use Fashion Jewelry Accessories To Style Any Outfit

The best bit?

When done properly, this looks like high fashion jewelry – but without the hefty price tag!

Plus, these long necklaces work well in layers (when worn the right way round) and their ability to create long vertical lines makes you look leaner and taller – win, win!

5. Add Color and Be Bold

For those basic, everyday outfits, simple touches with your accessories can really bring them to life. It’s all about getting the right balance, and accessories are perfect for adding intrigue to plainer looks.

You know that favorite ensemble of yours (a simple white tee and ripped jeans)? Watch how it’s transformed with a statement necklace and a few bangles.

You can also use your accessories to add pops of color to neutral outfits. This again transforms the outfit so it looks like a whole new look each time you go out.

6. Use Your Jewelry to Showcase Your Personality

Ultimately, your jewelry should be an extension of your personality.

By simply combining your sentimental, long-standing pieces with the latest trends (even cute cheap jewelry will do), you can accessorize any outfit beautifully.

Which fashion jewelry accessories are your favorite? What classic or trendy style tips can you share?

Post in the comments below!


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