Your Definitive Guide To Fashion Jewelry Style This Season

Your Definitive Guide To Fashion Jewelry Style This Season

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With every new season, you see advice about the shoes you should be wearing, the clothes you should be retiring, and even the hairstyles you should be trying out.

Have you ever noticed what’s often missing?

You got it – fashion jewelry style advice.

With each change in season, there’s a unique opportunity to freshen up your jewelry style.

From multiple rings on one finger to layering your necklaces together…make sure your jewelry is your best accessory!

This helpful guide will help you achieve an effortless jewelry look that everyone will notice. To help you do it this season, we’re covering all of the latest in-style jewelry trends.

Let’s dive in!

The Fashion Jewelry Style Forecast for 2019

If you read 2018’s fashion jewelry style forecast, you’d have noted that less was more. Dainty, classic pieces were a must-have.

And while you’ll still be able to use these stylish accessories for the next year or so, you can up the ante by wearing more than one piece together.

You see, layers are essential, as 2019 is all about making a bold statement with your jewelry. And other fashion jewelry trends to follow include:

Bold Bangles
From ones made up of chunky chains to colorful, enamel styles, bracelets that stand out from the crowd are key.

Far-from-Classic Chokers
Don’t call it a comeback…they’ve been here for years. The 2019 choker necklace trend goes one step further. Now you’ll find beautifully detailed forms and golden delights.

Larger-than-Life Earrings
Exaggeration is crucial when it comes to your earrings in 2019, whether you opt for lengthy drops, bold metal pieces in one ear, or feathery, tasseled delights. Heavy hoops will be another fashion jewelry style essential.

Charm Bracelets
These quirky little ensembles are thrown back into the spotlight, whether you dust off your childhood bracelet or opt for readymade styles that boast a funky twist. Wear multiples within a color scheme or with similar stones.

Stars, Flowers, and Shells
If you’ve got any jewelry that incorporates celestial, floral, or seaside touches, now’s the time to dig it out. These key embellishments will be at the heart of many designs this season.

While gold has tended to dominate in recent years, silver is starting to take over once again. From earrings and necklaces to bangles and pendants, go for silver. It goes with everything in your closet!

Now we know exactly what fashion accessories to look out for, here’s how to incorporate them within your own unique fashion jewelry style!

1. Create Layers of Style with Numerous Pieces

As we’ve already seen, layers are integral to jewelry trends in 2019 – but more often than not, you’ll find them within most seasonal trends.

Don’t be afraid to mix together many different:

  • colors,
  • textures,
  • shapes, and
  • lengths.

Creating layers with your bracelets, necklaces, rings, and even earrings.

Using layered necklaces helps draw people’s eyes up to your face (where they’ll also see those fabulous earrings, of course!).

Use on-trend textures and shapes (e.g. the shells and stars we mentioned before) but feel free to add your own handmade jewelry style into the mix too.

This eclectic mix of pieces will jangle and shimmer as you move, adding an interesting look to your outfit. And, if you’ve got more than one piercing in your ear, you can add this style here as well.

Best of all, you’ll often be able to mix and match key pieces from previous trends as you build up your jewelry collection.

2. Make Sure You Change Your Earrings

On a day-to-day basis, it’s easy to leave those same safe studs in your ears. Especially when you’re popping off to the office or out for a casual dinner date with friends.

But altering your earrings is one of the best ways to change up your outfit (and it allows you to actually clean those faithful earrings!).

Fashion earrings | Your Definitive Guide To Fashion Jewelry Style This Season

Whether you change the style of the stud you are wearing or switch between studs and dangling earrings or hoops, try to do it at least once a week.

Add some new pieces to your collection while looking back at older pieces to see what you can restyle with new items in your wardrobe.

3. Don’t Try and Do Everything at Once

Despite the fact layers are integral to style trends this year, this doesn’t mean you need to adopt this look across every part of your body.

More is more, but perhaps, in only one or two areas.

For example, if you’re wearing a number of bangles, you don’t need layers of necklaces at the same time. All this will do is create two competing pieces that detract from your overall look.

Not sure whether you’ve gone too far or not?

Then you can’t fail but to follow Coco Chanel’s advice. She suggested that before anyone leaves the house, they should look in the mirror and remove one item.

4. Consider Your Accessories Just as Much as Your Outfit

Before you start getting dressed, think about what you’d like to wear – including your jewelry.

You may find that you’re keen to wear a certain piece of jewelry for the occasion which means you’ll need to style your outfit around this.

Even though this may seem back-to-front, it’s often easier to style an outfit around your jewelry rather than the other way round.

Fasion jewelry accessories | Your Definitive Guide To Fashion Jewelry Style This Season

Equally, if you’ve got a piece of statement jewelry you want to show off, you can bring even the simplest of outfits to life with it.

Plus, there’s nothing worse than getting dressed up to find your jewelry collection is lacking in complementing items.

Taking some time to preplan your outfit will ensure you get the right combo and one that looks stylish, on-trend, and well thought out.

5. Tie in Those Sentimental Pieces

It’s all well and good to stay up on the latest of jewelry trends, but what about those sentimental items you can’t bear to part with?

You include them as part of your layers, of course!

Consider your sentimental items and which fashion or celebrity jewelry style these will go with. Then think about how you can add these together as layers to create your own unique look.

For example, if you’ve got a pendant that you love to wear, consider adding this to a longer chain so you can use it alongside other chains.

Or, with charm bracelets being back in the game, you could even incorporate your pendant on the charm bracelet.

Alternatively, if you like your sentimental item to be a standalone piece, look where you can add statements to other areas. So if you wear a pendant all the time, be bold with your earrings or bangles to unite this timeless piece with the latest accessories style and fashion.

Ignore the Rules and Create Your Own Fashion Jewelry Style

One of the most important things to remember about fashion jewelry style is it’s unique to you.

So while there may be key trends to follow, don’t just follow them for the sake of it.

Rather, think about how you can incorporate key pieces within your own look, making sure your personality shines through at all times.

What makes up your unique fashion jewelry style? What trends will you be adopting this year?

Share your comments below!


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