10 Popular Fashion Jewelry Trends To Look Out For In 2019

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Fashion jewelry trends in 2018 saw many of us wearing classic hoops and dainty necklaces, but that’s all about to change.

According to 2019 runway trends, we need to up our jewelry game with statement pieces that stand out from the crowd. From rejuvenated chokers and big bangles to accentuated earrings and charm-led pieces, it would seem more is most definitely more for fashion jewelry trends in 2019.

So if you were wondering, is fashion jewelry still cool?

The answer is an unequivocal – yes!

Let’s find out what these must-follow trends are below:

What the Runways Say About 2019 Fashion Jewelry Trends

This year’s runways have got everyone talking – especially when it comes to jewelry. Boasting exciting trends, designers are certainly breaking the dainty mold we’ve seen in recent years.

Watch out for colorful, bold, statement-inducing jewelry that’s shaking up the industry.

Who do we have to thank for this?

The likes of Chanel and Loewe who have showcased thrill-seeking jewelry including large feathered earrings, chunky chains, and celestial pieces. Suddenly, thick hoops and funky charm bracelets seem approachable.

To help you achieve these trends (even if you want to tone them down somewhat), we’ve brought you the 10 hottest trends so you can up the ante of your fashion jewelry style.

1. Bold is Beautiful: Bracelet Trends

Arms are the latest place to showcase your fashionable jewelry, with bold arm bracelets heading to the forefront. While a good bracelet has been an essential in your jewelry collection for quite some time, many designers have taken these fashion accessories to the next level.

Bold pieces that feature other key trends, e.g. heavy chains, are ruling the day when it comes to bracelets.

This also includes embellished enamel styles that are full of color (something we think will dominate handmade fashion jewelry trends). And while these enamel pieces are something we’ve already started to see this year, we’re not complaining.

Why not?

It means there’s a guarantee our jewelry getups will still be full of color and funky silhouettes for at least another year. And you needn’t worry about having to put those cute charm bracelets to one side, either – as charms and layers are at the heart of these trends, as we’ll soon see.

2. Compulsive Chokers: Necklace Trends

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t go without in your jewelry collection next year, it’s a choker or two.

The chokers we saw introduced several seasons ago have been given a dramatic revamp, which will perhaps keep them in the limelight a little longer this time.

woman wearing necklace

One thing’s for sure, this retro piece is back with a vengeance and you’ll find it in gold forms and with dressier beaded and pearl detail – a far cry from the thin leather styles we once adorned ourselves with.

Again, you’ll also see the choker trend uniting with the heavy chain trend, too. That said, thinner chains are still set to dominate, especially when worn over a shirt collar.

3. Larger-than-Life: Earring Trends

Pendant earrings continue to be a staple within any jewelry box, but just like everything else, they’ve been exaggerated as far as possible for 2019. We’re talking earrings that are long enough to wrap around your neck like a necklace!

This means everyone’s going to be kitting themselves out with drop earrings that demand attention. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be as brazen as some of the other trends you’ll see.

These larger-than-life earrings still retain the elegance and a timeless quality as many iterations have a sleek, classy edge. This means you’ll find long slender designs that are adorned with beads, feathers, and other embellishments.

Nevertheless, if you do want to go all out with your earrings – the single earring continues to dominate. And you’ll find ombre-beaded designs, fabulous tassels, and bold metal forms that suit and enhance this single-earring look.

4. Heavy Hoops: Continuing Earring Trends

If you’ve been a fan of the classic hoop over the past year, you needn’t worry because they’re here to stay (well, let’s face it – it’s one of those replica jewelry trends that never seems to leave us). You’ll just find them in a heavy form that fits in with these overstated style trends.

Bulkier shapes are where it’s at, meaning they’re impossible to miss and are able to live up to those chunkier pieces you’ll be wearing elsewhere – e.g. those bold bangles and outrageous chokers. You may even find these hoops filled in or incomplete for an added touch of panache.

5. Charming Touches: Traditional Trends Live On

Charm bracelets sprung up while you were a child and, in recent years, they’ve been a constant in the jewelry scene. But this year, they’re really back in fashion.

wrist wearing bracelets

From ready-to-go charm bracelets that include quirky features, e.g. every type of fruit imaginable, to make-your-own styles that provide an unlimited realm of possibilities, you’re really going to be spoiled for choice.

Plus, these charming touches aren’t limited solely to bracelet trends as they’ll also pop up in longer earrings and necklaces, and perhaps even a belt or two (hello there, Chanel).

And while many of these styles have been crafted by designers, their overall look and feel still have a personal touch.

6. More is More: Layered Jewelry Trends

Gucci has taken a more-is-more approach to its jewelry styles and it seems the entire fashion world has finally caught on, especially for fashion jewelry trends for the fall.

Not only are necklaces full of layers on their own but they’re also seen teamed with bracelets, earrings, and more.

woman wearing 3-pc necklace

Plus, you shouldn’t just limit your jewelry to those typical places, as fancy anklets, charm belts, and body chains are also a must-have.

Essentially, if there’s a part of your body you can adorn in jewelry, you should do so.

7. Out of this World: Celestial Fashions   

Every so often, the stars align in jewelry trends, and this is definitely the case in 2019.

A touch of celestial magic is back from stars and moons that adorn those drop earrings to layered necklaces that look like they belong to an intergalactic goddess.

We also think this works incredibly well with the charm bracelet craze, allowing you to revamp your existing bracelet with this sought-after trend.

8. Floral Fancies: Spring/Summer Trends

Nothing screams spring or summer more than floral details, which is why many designers have beautified their pieces with flowers of varying sizes and shapes, such as:

Whether your earrings emulate the same sight as a mini flower bed or your pendant features delicate floral notes, this flowery trend is one you’ll witness across all fashion staples next spring.

9. Shelling Out: Further Necklace Trends

While shells aren’t something we see most seasons, they’re definitely making a comeback in 2019.

You’ll find them mixed in with an abundance of beads to create those statement necklaces and may even find them teamed with coral to create a truly seafaring pendant.

We wouldn’t be surprised if they’re also merged with those bold bracelets for an eclectic finish.

10. Silver Lining: Goodbye Gold

While gold styles are here to stay (and will probably never leave us), silver is starting to sway the vote.

Next year, silver edges its way in with dressier silver pendants, cute silver stud earrings, and punky silver statement pieces.

Some of those more outrageous of styles include earrings made out of forks, large-link silver chokers, and heavy silver hoops.

A Daring Look for Everyone

As you can see, you can’t really overdo your jewelry next year. Rather, the more you can add and the more outlandish you can be, the better.

For those who like to stand out from the crowd, there are those key embellished pieces, while for those who prefer an understated look, layers of elegance will work wonders.

What do you think of these latest fashion jewelry trends? Are they something you’ll be trying out next year?

We’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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