The Best 6 Countries To Buy Jewelry Around The World

Woman Looking for a Jewelry to Buy | The Best 6 Countries To Buy Jewelry Around The World

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When you are looking to make a big investment in jewelry, travelling for the good stuff might be necessary.

Whether you are looking for an expensive array of jewelry around the world or one specific piece to add to your collection, these countries are definitely locations you should consider.

Here are our top 6 countries to consider if you want to shop in the best places for jewelry.

1. Dubai

The first option on our list is an absolutely amazing place to shop for jewelry.

If you are travelling to Dubai for the first time, there are a few prime places you should visit for the best jewelry shopping experience.

We recommend trying out the Gold Souk to start out. They have an incredible amount of gold on display, and it’s an incredibly popular location for tourists looking to buy expensive jewels and metals, jewelry gifts for loved ones, and incredibly pure metal.

The Dubai Central Laboratories Department has very strict regulations on the purity of metal and gold that is sold in the country and provides the jewelry shops that meet their criteria with a special certification.

On top of the Gold Souk, other worthwhile shops to visit include Taiba, Damas, and Liali Jewelry.

2. Geneva, Switzerland

Next up we have Geneva, Switzerland.

In addition to simply being a fun, beautiful place to visit, Geneva has a lot to offer when it comes to the culture of jewelry. This is especially true if you are looking for watches specifically.

This city in Switzerland is actually known as the watch capital of the world, and many watchmakers from all over the world have shops and headquarters there for you to visit. Some of the best locations we recommend include the Tiffany & Co. store, Swatch, Piaget, and Espace Temps.

If you are looking to do some sightseeing while in the area as well, you can find some gorgeous displays of jewelry on display along Rue des Paquis and Rue du Mont Blanc.

Woman Looking for a Jewelry to Buy | The Best 6 Countries To Buy Jewelry Around The World3. Paris, France

The city of love is also an excellent place to travel for jewelry. Paris, France is a beautiful vintage and romantic city and is chock full of amazing places to shop.

On top of having some of the most well-known fashion companies on the globe (Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc), the city also has plenty of businesses that specialize in high-end jewelry making.

Depending on what you are looking for, the city has vibrant ancient flea markets that are full of life and quality jewelry pieces. However, there are also trendier places like the 3rd Arrondissement or Canal Saint-Martin.

Paris, France is also known for its antique, vintage jewelry. Just like the rest of the city, they have a wide selection of jewelry that will sweep you away to years past.

Woman Looking for a Jewelry to Buy | The Best 6 Countries To Buy Jewelry Around The World4. Cape Town Central, South Africa

Next up we have the lovely travel destination of Cape Town, South Africa. More specifically, the Western Cape and Cape Town Central.

If you visit and check out the Victoria and Albert Waterfront, you will come across hundreds of shops that have options for any real or symbolic jewelry budget you may have.

On top of this area, we also recommend places like Kirsten Goss and Shimansky.

The area has tons of gorgeous souvenirs you can take home, but as far as jewelry goes, we recommend Pichulik earrings, hand-carved pendants, and other handmade items unique to the country.

You can also buy diamonds and other gemstones here, however, they may not be a better deal than buying them locally (depending on where you reside).

5. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco is also one of the top choices for buying jewelry around the world.

This is an especially great choice if you are looking to buy gold. If this is what you are travelling to the area for, the Jewish quarter (which is known as Mellah) is a great place to get started. This city is filled to the brim with artisans that you can purchase items directly from, as opposed to having to go through middlemen.

Marrakech has hundreds of thousands of souks lining their streets too. Each one is filled with their handmade crafts available to purchase. While this method of shopping can be overwhelming if you aren’t used to it, there are some great guides to assist you with it online.

If you are looking for specific locations on top of the many streetside vendors, there a quite a few worth checking out. Here are some of our ultimate favorites.

Khalid Art Gallery

If you are looking for original and antique Moroccan jewelry, the Khalid Art Gallery has the best and largest collection. Some of his pieces could be in a museum – they are certainly old enough.

This retailer has two locations, one in the media and another in the Mamounia Hotel.

Joanna Bristow

Joanna Bristow is a British jeweler that has been designing pieces for over 20 years. She specializes in silver jewelry with semi-precious stones.

Often times she will add beautiful Moroccan symbols, and she also adds a lot of inspiration from the North African Tuareg people. They are frequently featured in her pieces with their nomadic patterns.

33 Rue Majorelle

If you are looking for high-quality items that don’t cost quite as much, 33 Rue Majorelle is a great place to stop by in the area.

The store offers many contemporary designer’s works, and they showcase everything in glass cases that are organized by designer.

Group Looking for a Jewelry to Buy | The Best 6 Countries To Buy Jewelry Around The World6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Last but certainly not least, we have a location in the United States. Las Vegas, Nevada is well known for many different things as far as tourism is concerned, and purchasing jewelry is no different.

Because of the immense amount of tourism in the city, many huge names in jewelry have set up shops in the area to cater to visitors. You will find quite a few names you recognize, like Jared and Tiffany.

However, if you are looking for some more unique options, Las Vegas has those as well. Las Vegas Wedding Jewelry, Oro & Jewellers, Jeff White Custom Jewelry, and Morgan Taylor Jewelers are among our top picks.

Because so many people get married there, Las Vegas is a great place to grab engagement and weddings rings. However, you can also buy a lot of custom jewelry and stones here as well.

Our Final Thoughts on Where to Buy Jewelry Around the World

No matter what the purpose of jewelry is for you, it sure is fun to shop for. These locations around the world will offer you incredibly high quality and versatile products to last you for years to come.

Which location on the list is you most excited to shop and immerse in? Where do you want to buy jewelry around the world?

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