10 Best Jewelry Fashion Blogs For Affordable Style Tips

10 Best Jewelry Fashion Blogs for Affordable Style Tips

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As a fellow fashionista, you’ll understand all too well how your jewelry can make or break an outfit. From adding that much-needed sparkle to a glamorous outfit to bringing a pretty basic outfit to life, jewelry is at the center of our OOTD*.

(*outfit of the day, y’all!)

However, keeping on top of the trends can be completely exhausting, especially when there are so many “fashion experts” out there.

But don’t worry. We’ve made it easy to find the hottest (and most affordable) advice online.

Meet the 10 best jewelry fashion blogs out there.

In our humble opinion, these are the best jewelry blogs to follow. They feature everything from celebrity styles and the latest trends to how to make your own jewelry and take picture-perfect Instagram pictures.

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1. Gem Obsessed: For the Latest Celebrity Jewelry and Fashion Trends

While some of the jewelry featured in Gem Obsessed is eye-wateringly expensive, the idea of this blog is to give you ample jewelry style inspiration for your wardrobe – and it does this well.

From the hottest styles to hit the catwalk to the latest celeb trends, this blog has got it all covered.

The curator and editor, Cheryl Kremkow, has a particular penchant for jewels (hence the name of the blog) but successfully brings these expensive trends down to a more affordable level. That’s why it’s one of the best costume jewelry blogs you’ll find.

Follow if you love gems and sparkles.

Visit Gem Obsessed here.

2. The Jewelry Loupe: For Honest Fashion Advice and Jewelry Inspiration

The founder of this blog, Cathleen McCarthy, is as down-to-earth as can be, which means her blog provides some of the best and most modest advice for us jewelry lovers.

As well as appealing to those looking for the latest trends or for inspirational jewelry-making blogs, The Jewelry Loupe is also the place to go if you have a question about jewelry. From how to buy jewelry as a gift to how to customize jewelry to your taste, this blog is the oracle of jewelry advice.

Cathleen even goes into a lot of detail on how to photograph yourself wearing jewelry, which is perfect for achieving the most show-stopping Instagram-worthy pic.

Follow if you want down-to-earth advice on all things jewelry.

Visit The Jewelry Loupe here.

woman wearing jewelry | 10 Best Jewelry Fashion Blogs for Affordable Style Tips

3. Jewelry Binge: For Cost-Effective Jewelry, Looks, and Celeb Styles

Well, we couldn’t include a top 10 list without having our own blog in there, could we?

Jewelry Binge is all about getting those show-stopping looks for less, whether you’re taking inspiration from the latest celebrity ensembles or are looking for your own unique style.

We bring you all the latest trends and fashion must-haves, tips for finding affordable yet top-quality jewelry, and easy-to-follow advice on caring for your jewelry.

Follow if you live and breathe fashion jewelry.

Visit Jewelry Binge here.

4. The National Jeweler: For the Latest Industry News and Styles

Unlike many of the trendy jewelry blogs mentioned here, The National Jeweler hasn’t risen to fame since the rise of online blogs. Rather, it’s been in business since 1906, covering all of the latest jewelry-related news.

Today, it appeals to everyone from jewelry makers to fashionistas as it continues to bring you all the latest style and trend advice as well as more in-depth coverage on what’s happening in the jewelry industry.

Follow if you want to get to know more about the jewelry industry as a whole.

Visit The National Jeweler here.

5. Gemologue: For Multicultural Jewelry Trends and the Hottest Celeb Interviews

Gemologue by Liza Urla is promoted as the “first jewelry blog in travel and fashion context.” And it’s perhaps this that has made it so revered within the fashion and jewelry industry.

You see, Liza Urla isn’t just a fabulous jewelry blogger, she’s also a professional gemologist, which gives her that expert touch that readers can really relate to.

She travels the globe looking for the latest jewelry and documents her findings on the blog alongside interviews with the latest designers, celebrities, and models.

Follow if you’re looking for one of the best artisan jewelry blogs available.

Visit Gemologue here.

woman wearing wrist watch | 10 Best Jewelry Fashion Blogs For Affordable Style Tips

6. Kelly in the City: For Head-to-Toe Style Advice

We all know that no outfit is complete without a few pieces of carefully-chosen jewelry – but you also need to choose the right outfit.

That’s why we think Kelly in the City is a great jewelry blog for ideas that will help you style your entire wardrobe.

Kelly effortlessly puts together outfits for all seasons, sharing her top tips on how to achieve the look (without breaking the bank). And while you’re there, you’ll also find advice on family, weddings, and lifestyle.

Follow for all-around fashion advice.

Visit Kelly in the City here.

7. Jewellers Academy: For One of the Best Jewelry-Making Blogs

Fancy having a go at making your own jewelry? Then Jewellers Academy is the go-to resource.

As one of the best handmade jewelry blogs available, it covers a plethora of helpful topics from how to make silver rings to how to set stones into different metals.

While the Academy and its hands-on tutorials are only available in London, England, the blog itself is a fantastic place to learn your craft.

And if you are serious about setting up your own jewelry business and are popping to England anytime soon, these guys even run a boot camp for jewelry business owners!

Follow if you want help crafting your own unique jewelry.

Visit Jewellers Academy here.  

8. Diamonds in the Library: For Lovers of Bling, Shiny Things, and Literature

Run by Becky Stone (how apt is her surname, by the way?), Diamonds in the Library is another one of those jewelry fashion blogs that post enviable pictures of jewels that are out of many people’s reach.

However, Becky, a self-confessed lover of all things shiny, utilizes these out-of-reach styles to offer affordable, timely jewelry advice. From how to wear a brooch, to advice on buying jewelry, Becky’s left no stone unturned.

Follow for dreamy diamonds and great style advice.

Visit Diamonds in the Library here.  

diamonds | 10 Best Jewelry Fashion Blogs for Affordable Style Tips

9. Gem Gossip: For the Web’s Leading Jewelry Fashion Blog

Many revere Gem Gossip as one of the best jewelry blogs to follow and we aren’t disagreeing.

Danielle Miele, the girl behind Gem Gossip, started collecting “treasures” from a very early age, loving the antique collections passed down to her from her grandmothers.

Today, she shares her passion for jewelry with the world, showcasing her latest finds as she travels from place to place.

From antique and rare to new and unmissable, Danielle’s blog has got it all, even throwing in wardrobe ideas, celebrity jewelry must-haves, and the latest jewelry collections.

Follow for endless, sparkling jewelry talk.

Visit Gem Gossip here.

10. The Carrotbox: For All Things Rings

If rings are your thing, The Carrotbox by Alice Matsumoto is the blog for you. All Alice talks about is rings, showcasing some of the most extraordinary pieces she’s ever found.

While a lot of the designs Alice shares with her readers are a little bit “out there” to say the least, it’s a really magical place for inspiration.

And with archives dating back as far as 2003, there’s plenty of content to go at!

Another great thing about Alice’s blog is it’s completely ad-free and there’s no promotional content, so there’s no fluff or distractions to wade through.

Follow if your favorite accessory is a ring (or two!).

Visit The Carrotbox here.

The Best Jewelry Blog Ideas for Everyone

As you can see, there is something for every jewelry-lover out there, whether you like to recreate those opulent gemstone styles or you prefer more modest, on-trend designs.

You can even have a go at making your own jewelry, following all the fabulous advice these jewelry-mad pros have to offer.

What’s your favorite jewelry fashion blog and why?

Please share with us below!

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