How To Pick Out The Best Jewelry Gifts For A Loved One

Man Putting Necklace on Woman | How To Pick Out The Best Jewelry Gifts For A Loved One

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Gifting jewelry is a wonderful way to show your loved ones that you care for them. Nothing says that you care more than choosing a jewelry gift for your friend or family member that goes with their style and personality.

How do you choose the best jewelry for the loved ones in your life? We are going to be sharing our top tips for ensuring your friends and family get the best pieces from you. Gifting jewelry is a great idea, but only if you do it right.

Consider Your Loved One’s Personality

When you begin the process of choosing jewelry for your loved one, taking their personality into consideration is a great way to get started. The best jewelry gifts are ones where you really think about what the pieces mean for the individual.

Just as an example of this, consider a friend or family member that is incredibly reserved and quiet. You wouldn’t want to purchase something “loud,” like a flashy statement necklace or enormous hoop earrings. On the other hand, someone who likes to express themselves loudly and in a colorful way might want something a little more bold and exciting.

Taking the time to think their personalities through will make a world of difference for the jewelry gift you end up going with.

Make Sure Your Choices Compliment Their Existing Jewelry

Being observant of the pieces your loved one is already wearing regularly is a great way to gauge the sort of jewelry gifts they would enjoy receiving. This will give a good idea of the types of metal they like to wear, what kind of pieces they have/don’t have, and the gemstones and colors they would appreciate.

If your friend or family member is known for always wearing gold jewelry, buying them something in silver may not be appropriate. They won’t be able to match it with their other pieces, and they might not like it, which could be why they never wear it in the first place.

Check to see what the person you have in mind for the jewelry gift already has, and that will help you pick out the best present for them.

Couple Looking To Buy Jewelry | How To Pick Out The Best Jewelry Gifts For A Loved OneConsider Their Fashion Choices

Just like the individual’s personality and their general jewelry choices, consider what clothing this person wears on a regular basis.

If you are purchasing a piece of jewelry for someone that they might want to wear every day, it should go with their look. Whether it’s business casual, t-shirt and jeans, extremely dressed up, etc, you should find something that works with their style. No matter what fashion sense the person has, there is always an option for jewelry that matches.

Consider Their Skin Tone

It is important to consider the person’s skin tone that you are buying jewelry gifts for. Matching skin tone with the right gemstones and metal makes a world of difference when it comes to how good it looks.

What Looks Good With a Cool Skin Tone

Someone with a cool skin tone is going to want to stick to jewel tones. This means purple, blue, and red gemstones.

If you want something with a red gemstone, consider tourmaline, rubies, and garnet stones. Purple stones would include sapphires, amethyst, and fluorite, and blue ones include topaz, blue sapphire, and aquamarine. Diamonds are also a good choice for a cool skin tone.

When it comes to metals, stick to white metals like silver or white gold.

What Looks Good With a Warm Skin Tone

If you are jewelry shopping for someone with a warm skin tone, you will want to stick to green, yellow, and orange for gemstone colors.

Yellow (or gold) stones would include zircon yellow sapphires and citrine. Green stones consist of peridot, emerald, and jade, and orange ones include imperial topaz, spessartite garnets, and moonstone. Just like with a cool skin tone, diamonds are also an appropriate choice.

For metal choices, sticking to yellow metals like copper and yellow gold will be a better look.

Don’t Consider Your Own Taste Over Theirs

It may be extremely tempting to let your own taste infiltrate your decision making when it comes to choosing the best jewelry gifts, but try to filter that out as much as possible.

Consider the points mentioned above, and try not to go by the mentality of “well I like it, why wouldn’t she?” It might be tempting, but it isn’t always the case. Everyone has their own specific style and taste, and some pieces won’t look good on certain people.

Gifts for a Girlfriend (Or Other Significant Other)

Buying gifts for a girlfriend is a little different than buying a jewelry gift for anyone else. In any situation, it should be personal, but with someone you are romantically involved with, it should be especially nice.

Buying jewelry for your girlfriend or wife is much different than looking for something for your sister, or buying bridesmaid jewelry gifts for example. Something a little more romantic is in order, but don’t let that distract you from the tips we have already discussed.

In addition to the advice you have already seen, make sure you consider how sentimental your jewelry gift is as well. For example, if you met your wife in Paris, France, maybe consider a nice French piece of jewelry as a present. It’s a much better idea to go with something that will ignite sentimental feelings, than with something that just looks shiny.

The money you spend doesn’t matter as much as how she is going to like what you get. Consider her wants and taste, and make sure it means something.

Man Putting Ring on Woman | How To Pick Out The Best Jewelry Gifts For A Loved OneFinding Jewelry in Your Price Range

No matter what your price range is, finding good jewelry is possible. Jewelry gifts under $100, $500, $1000, etc, are all viable options.

If you are looking to spend under $100, check out retailers like Nordstrom and Pandora for their cheaper options. Or, read this awesome guide for some more variety.

Buying Rings | How To Pick Out The Best Jewelry Gifts For A Loved OneOur Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Jewelry Gifts

We hope that you find our guide helpful when searching for the best jewelry gifts for your family members, friends, and significant others. Gifts aren’t everything in any relationship, but it is nice to show the people around you how much you care about them.

Even if you are not very good at choosing jewelry, these tips will ensure that you find something that your loved one will absolutely adore. Just make sure to take the time to consider their style and personality, skin tone, and what they really love.

What do you enjoy most about shopping for jewelry for loved ones? What would you consider the best jewelry gift for yourself?

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