Mid-Season Trends: Necklaces for Women

Womens Necklace | Mid-Season Trends: Necklaces for Women

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Earlier this year we brought you the jewelry trends to look out for in 2019, and now that spring is peeking around the corner, it’s time to see which of these trendy necklaces for women have sprung onto the fashion scene.

Here at Jewelry Binge, we love bringing you the hottest new looks, the must-have pieces and the coolest designs for your look. Take a look at what’s adorning the catwalk in 2019 for the most on-trend fashions to suit your style and budget.

So wear the fun, flare, and color around your neck this season. Enjoy!

Popular Necklaces for Spring 2019

Spring 2019 is all about being extra and having fun with statement pieces. Gone are the days of subtle hints and delicate pendants, fashion necklaces for women are exploding onto center stage.

While some of the more extreme looks like neck bags (yes, they’re a thing!) might not be for you, there’s a style update for everyone this season.

We’re going to take you through three of the most popular necklaces for 2019 so far, as well as rounding up some of the other stylish players on the scene.

Laying it On Thick: Layer Necklaces

Layer necklaces are one of the easiest, most fun and versatile ways to explore the Gucci-led “more-is-more” trend. It’s very much a layer and stack aesthetic right now.

To make it work and recreate the look, select a mix of large and small pendants, chains, rows, materials, and lengths. Consider stones, tassels, and beads as pendants to add a pop of color as well as metals.

Top tips for getting it right are to consider your neckline and shirt fabric. This works best with v and scoop necks, and not too much embellishment or a heavy pattern on your clothes.

For a more extreme look, we’re also seeing extravagant, one-piece, multi-layer designs of leaves and vines. Another twist on layer necklaces is to flip them around with a backless or low-back shirt and let the trend follow you.

Gold Necklace | Mid-Season Trends: Necklaces for Women

Chain Reaction: Gold Necklaces

Gold necklaces are eternal, but they make more and less of a splash when it comes to fashion, depending on the trend. Right now it’s definitely all about a loud and proud statement. What’s great about this is that you can make it anything you want.

You can wrap yourself in full rapper-bling, or make your chain links more spaced and subtle. However, the boldest looks are exaggerating those shapes and even adding glam finishes.

These come in the form of oversized objects, personalized pendants, and initials. The initial necklaces we’ve always known and loved are bigger and better; go vertical to really turn the trend on its head.

When it comes to logos, there’s no more hiding behind subtlety, show off your brands. Whatever you choose, it should be dripping with crystals, leaving no doubt about who you’re wearing.

We’re also loving coins and medallions when it comes to gold necklaces. Wear them in rows, single pendants or hanging in groups. The coin look is so hot right now it’s definitely worth your spare change.

However you wear it, chains mid-season are all about what designer Zoe Chicco calls making ‘heavy metal’, chunkier pieces part of your everyday collection.

Charm Necklace | Mid-Season Trends: Necklaces for Women

This Charming Plan: Charm Necklaces

Charm necklaces have a long history for showing off your collection, who you love or what you’re in to. Vintage pieces always have a place but they do lend themselves well to the luxe trend. Whether you add to your charm necklaces or bust out with a ready-made one, make sure it’s bold.

One of the trends making a comeback is 80s hearts, which are cute, fun, sentimental and just a bit of rock and roll. Wear your hearts plentiful, grouped and tiny, or as a huge hooped pendant for a bold statement.

Charm necklaces pop the most when they have a hint of an exciting gemstone. Finally getting a spot in the limelight are emeralds, which align perfectly with the vintage, old-school glamor trend.

Stars, moons and celestial bodies in jewelry have been around nearly as long as their heavenly counterparts. They work so well in charm necklaces, or as a zodiac constellation for a sweet way to personalize a piece.

Pearl Necklace | Mid-Season Trends: Necklaces for Women

Trending Now: Other Fashion Necklace Favorites

As well as the big hitters, there are plenty of other ways to show that your accessories are down with the popular necklaces of 2019.

Shells have been around since summer 2018, and they’re not going anywhere this spring. Whether as a row, a statement jumbo pendant or in combination in layer necklaces, keep the nostalgic beach vibes going.

A bold look on the block is open cuff or ‘open U’ necklaces. These are like giant statement open bangles, perhaps with a logo or initial to make it your own.

Chokers are going through a style update to align with the trendy necklace styles of today. Go thick, high and tight with chains and adornments for maximum impact. Or wear over a buttoned-up collar rather than against your skin for a formal vibe. Maybe even make your choker your message with initials and even whole words.

Then there are the pearls, but these aren’t your grandma’s twinset pals. Match the seashell trend in fashion necklaces and make your pearls edgier, less perfect, wild and free.

As well as more glam metal than an 80s rock crew, color is king. Resin in bold colors and geometric shapes will be seen across all jewelry.

Continue neon’s reign and mix it with our other picks for neon letters, shells and chains. Tortoiseshell is a chic way to tone down this season’s big shapes if you want to go for a subtler look.

How to Wear the Popular Necklaces of 2019

For once, embracing a season’s trend doesn’t actually involve too much work to integrate into your existing look, because it’s all about standing out! Fashion necklaces for women should contrast, mismatch and make a statement. Every day is a special occasion you’ve been waiting for!

Another great thing about necklaces this spring is that you can mix up, combine and start again between all the looks themselves. Wear a loose chain choker as one of your layers, possible with a popping-color bead and you’re covered! Layer necklaces’ popularity means that whatever your jewelry collection, you’ll find a group that works together.

Freedom of expression is when fashion jewelry is at its most fun. One of the core themes mid-season is for wearing who you are around your neck as a badge of honor. Take this opportunity to personalize and choose something unique.

However you wear fashion necklaces this year, don’t let the mid-season trends pass you by. Go wild, go bold, go out there and show who you are.

What’s your favorite mid-season trend in necklaces for women?

Tell us what you’re wearing in the comments below!

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