6 Things To Look For From A Good Online Jewelry Store

Man Showing a Ring To a Woman | 6 Things To Look For From A Good Online Jewelry Store

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With the ubiquity of jewelry stores popping up online, it isn’t too hard to find a wide gamut of jewelry websites that will satisfy your need for something beautiful.

However, with great choice comes the issue of deciding which online jewelry outlets are the most trustworthy.

Lucky for you, we have just the tips to weed out the non-trustworthy jewelry websites.

Finding an Affordable Online Jewelry Store You Can Trust

There are many factors to consider when deciding on a quality online jewelry store.

Before any of these factors, you must be willing to invest a bit of time in researching many jewelry websites. Start with the leading brand names such as Ross-Simons or Kay Jewelers to see what the best online jewelry stores are doing right to attract their customers.

Pay attention to the security of the checkout process. If the online jewelry store is not secure, this should be a major red flag to you as that means that your confidential financial information could be breached.

Consider the jewelry products themselves. Do they have high-quality photos showcasing the product? Is there valuable description of the products? Is the website generally well organized? Are shipping and return policies crystal clear? If a problem should arise, is their customer service line easily accessible?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these questions, you’ve got yourself an excellent online jewelry store.

Let’s go into more detail about the 6 things to look for in jewelry websites to buy affordable jewelry online.

HTTPS | 6 Things To Look For From A Good Online Jewelry Store

1. The Checkout Process is Secure

There is no way around this factor.

Any online website that collects data on your financial information should invest in securing its website from online threats. An online jewelry store is not an exception to this rule.

A simple way to know that your potential jewelry store is secure is to look for the lock at the front of the store’s URL. Secure websites are also marked as “HTTPS” rather than the basic “HTTP.”

Another important indicator that the checkout process is secure is to assess the type of information required in the checkout process. If the online jewelry store is looking for your birthday and Social Security Number, this should also be a red flag to you.

When making online purchases, an online enterprise should only require information necessary to ensure payment is made and that the product will ship to your location. Information such as your credit card information, mailing address, and billing address are standard in all online purchases.

If the online jeweler does not have a secure checkout process, you need to start looking for another store.

2. Product Images are High-Quality

Just like any clothing item, product images of jewelry products on the web should be of the highest quality.

When you browse for jewelry items on Ross-Simon’s website, you’ll find high-quality images of jewelry products. High-quality images are a marker of a high quality online jewelry store. The images will feature a zoom-in window to assess the quality of the gem as well as an image of the piece on a model.

If a vintage store, the online jewelry store should provide details of any damages or imperfections to the gem. If no damages are present, the online jeweler should still show the quality of the gem or any of its remarkable features.

Blurry images or no images on products should be a hard pass for you.

Beware of some online jewelry outlets boasting of high-quality gems. However, when customers received their jewelry, they learned that the gem was not a pure one.

Bearing in mind online jewelry scams of this nature, you should invest some time in learning what a high-quality gem looks and should feel like to avoid being duped into purchasing impure gems.

3. Valuable Information in Description of Products

The information in the product description of jewelry items should help you make your purchase of affordable jewelry online.

Gemstones should be identified. Measurements should be given. The item number, price, style of jewelry should be listed also. Earrings should feature the finish, backing type, and hanging length if applicable. Necklaces should feature chain type, chain size, clasp type, and drop in length and width.

This information helps you to visualize as best you can how the piece of jewelry will sit and look on you. Therefore, it is necessary to help you make your purchase.

Pearl Necklace | 6 Things To Look For From A Good Online Jewelry Store

4. Products are Organized According to Type of Jewelry

When an online jewelry store logically showcases its products in categories such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, the website becomes easier to navigate through. It’s even better when the website places discounted items at the top of the list. These categories tell you that the online jeweler has thought carefully about how to make the customer’s buying experience simple and hassle-free.

Sifting through uncategorized jewelry items in the discount section of online jewelry outlets requires time that you could be spending elsewhere.

Sometimes, you may find jewelry websites that categorize jewelry by cuts and sizes. These are logical if the jeweler is specializing in certain items rather than a wider selection. In these cases, these jewelers are concerned with precision and specification. Also, a good sign of an excellent online jewelry store.

You may even find products organized by gemstone type. As long as the online jeweler provides a way to categorize their products, you know that the online jeweler has thought about creating a better customer experience for you.

5. The Shipping and Return Policy is Straightforward

Keeping in line with the customer experience, the shipping and return policy should be guaranteed and straightforward at your potential online jewelry store.

If the online jeweler cannot ship to your location, or cannot ship to it easily, this means you need to look for another jeweler.

Needless to say, you will not get your jewelry easily if they can’t ship to your location.

The return policy should be just as simple and clearly stated on the jeweler’s website. If you happen to be unsatisfied with your product from the online jewelry store, it should be easy to return the product and receive your refund for your purchase. If the return policy is unavailable or will have you doing hurdles to receive your refund, this is not the way business should be conducted online.

6. Customer Service Line is Easily Accessible

It helps if the online jewelry store is not just transparent, but encouraging about its customer care options.

Jewelry websites that show contact information and are receptive to helping customers with their concerns about their products are committed to improving your online jewelry shopping experience.

Sometimes you may find companies that not only make it difficult to reach a customer service line but also lack efficient and useful customer service options. This tells you that the company is not committed enough to the customer experience.

Woman Using Laptop | 6 Things To Look For From A Good Online Jewelry Store

Do Your Research Before Deciding on Your Online Jewelry Store

The main takeaway with finding the best online jewelry stores is to do your homework before making a rash decision to purchase.

Also, don’t be prejudiced against cheaper jewelry. As long as the website is secure and organized appropriately, some of the most unique pieces can be found on the best cheap online jewelry stores.

You may get lucky with your rash purchase, but you may not and that’s a risk you don’t want to take.

Instead, think carefully what kind of jewelry you are looking for and check your motives for making a jewelry purchase via the web.

Do you have any special rules or expectations when shopping with online jewelry stores?

Share with us in the comments below!

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