This Year’s Most Popular Pendant Shapes For Necklaces

Woman Wearing Necklace | This Year's Most Popular Pendant Shapes For Necklaces

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This season’s must-have items of jewelry are necklaces. Lots of them, and in different lengths, colors, materials, and types.

Pendants are the hot trend to grace necklines this year, with medallions and coins topping the list as the top popular pendant shapes.

An ideal jewelry choice for yourself, pendant necklaces also make a great gift for someone whose taste you’re not altogether sure of.

There’s no need to worry about whether it will fit or what size to buy, pendants are suitable for anyone and everyone.

New to pendants, or unsure what to wear this season?

Our helpful guide gives you information on popular pendant shapes, types and even a little bit of history!

What is a Pendant?

Pendant necklaces may sound self-explanatory, but there is a clear difference between what is a pendant vs necklace.

A necklace can be any type of jewelry that is worn around the neck, while a pendant is a charm that hangs from the chain of the necklace.

The charm pendant may be anything in solitaire or cluster forms:

  • Gemstones
  • Diamonds
  • Medallions

Originally, it is thought that pendants were derived from the primitive act of wearing amulets or talismans around the neck.

Dating from the Stone Age, when pendants consisted of such object as teeth, stones, and shells, you’ll be glad to know the only thing from that list we still wear are the shells!

The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt are shown wearing pendants bearing commemorative scenes in which they were being deified.

Other popular pendant shapes found have been falcons, sacred serpents, the eye of the god, Horus, winged scarabs, vultures and, ugh, flies.

Thankfully, our pendants today bear far less gruesome scenes.

Pendants have always had many different functions in the past, and this hasn’t seemed to change over the years.

Today, apart from being used simply as a piece of jewelry, they are still used for such things as:

  • Awards
  • Identification – symbols of rock bands, religious symbols, dog tags, etc.
  • Ornamentation
  • Ostentation – Jewels
  • Protection – amulets, religious symbols again, etc.
  • Self-affirmation – initials, names, etc.

Every jewelry fashion season brings with it a new trend and trying to keep up with them can be a challenge.

Most of us, however, look forward to this, scouring the internet for details of the newest items.

As this year’s trend for necklaces is to wear layers, what type of pendant should you be wearing to compliment yours?

What are the Most Popular Pendant Shapes this Year?

Social media has been buzzing this year with talk of coin, medallion, and charm pendants.

From high-end to budget, this trendy fashion jewelry comes in so many variations it’s almost impossible to go wrong.

Pendants are fantastically versatile.

Wear solo on a long chain, as a pair of earrings, or dangle from a bracelet.

As the trend for necklaces this year is layering, why not layer gold medallion pendants as opposed to wearing just one?

These pieces from Asos combine layering and coins to create a fab look.

Have a go at placing a shorter, smaller pendant above a bigger one to create a hot, new look.

There is a huge choice online, from St. Christopher and Zodiac signs to vintage silver colored metal medallions.

Pendant | This Year's Most Popular Pendant Shapes For Necklaces

Common Pendant Shapes.

When you think of a pendant, what are you seeing?  There are many different types and popular pendant shapes available, some of these being:

  • Amulets – these come in many forms, although a pendant is often the most common.  They are believed to possess magical or spiritual powers to protect the wearer from danger or dispel evil influences.
  • Lockets – A small object that opens to reveal a space which serves to hold a photograph, curl of hair or other very small objects.  Typically they come as a pendant hanging from a necklace, although sometimes they can be attached to bracelets.
  • Talisman – an object believed to possess supernatural traits and similar to an amulet.  But while an amulet is strictly a defensive object, a talisman is meant to transfer special benefits or powers upon the wearer.

Other types – Maori Pounamu pendants, shepherds’ whistles, bosun’s whistles, and ocarinas can, and have also been common pendant shapes.

Portable astronomical and navigational instruments were made as pendants – presumably to keep their hands free.

This decade even saw jewelers start to incorporate USB flash drives of all shapes and sizes into pendants. Puts a new twist on taking your work home with you, doesn’t it?!

Look at this gorgeous one, available on Amazon:

Woman Wearing Necklace | This Year's Most Popular Pendant Shapes For Necklaces

Types of Necklace Designs

Serious consideration should go into the shape of your pendants (well, ok, not always serious, bearing in mind this year’s trend is throwback jewelry).

Popular designs include fairies, dragonflies, dolphins, trees, and flowers, but why not take a look at what is trending when you make your purchase?

This year’s hot trend for types of necklace designs include shells and big, bold gold, so browse available sources online for inspirational ideas.

Long, gold pendants are popular, with designs that suit any and all styles and likewise, shorter pieces give a flirty vibe with gold pendants sporting emblems the equivalent of a charm bracelet.

If you’re buying gold, to avoid disappointment, make sure the quality is the one you want before buying.

Want to be bigger and bolder?

Large-cut semi-precious gems including amethyst, topaz, and turquoise set into amulets will bring the ‘wow’ to your outfit—and an ‘ooh’ from all you come across.

Emerald pendants are said to improve the level of concentration in the wearer and relieves stress. They can improve your communication skills and boost your confidence, allowing you to scale new heights in your desired field (so it’s said).

Most emerald pendants are set in gold, usually with cubic zirconia or diamonds surrounding the gem, and the most popular pendant shape is usually a square.

Beaded pendants were hot on the runways at New York Fashion Week as well as one of the other trends this year, throwback jewelry.

Find some long, colorful beaded pendants to wear, or if you’re feeling bold, make your own!  Again, layering is key, so try and mix and match golds and color together.

As well as colorful beads, you could search out other quirky, throwback pieces of jewelry.

Rhodium heart, arrow, and charm pendants, enamel painted shells, silver crown, and stars or for something different, gold-plated and multi-stone necklaces.

Tribal designs have also dominated the catwalk, with chunky necklaces made bigger and bolder.

The same goes for pendants where out-sized amber and garnet rough-sized stones could be seen swinging from long chains, as were geometric patterns.

Be retro while looking traditional by wearing agate or other gemstone set in gold oval pendants.

New-season necklaces are rich in gold hues.

What’s Hot this Season?

The difficult choices you would usually have to make to try and buy the most popular pendant shapes for necklaces are super easy this season.

There aren’t any.

Yes, the designs we mention have been seen on the runway’ and yes, certain items are trending. But with the emergence of throwback jewelry, layering, mismatching, bold, gold, and yet colorful trends, it almost seems that anything goes.

Woman Wearing Necklace | This Year's Most Popular Pendant Shapes For Necklaces

Sometimes, we just want Simple

If big and bold isn’t for you and you want to wear a simple, elegant, single gold chain with a diamond pendant, wear it.

The round or Princess cut diamond are still the most popular pendant shape, although the pear shape remains a close contender.

Don’t forget though, if on a bit of a budget, cubic zirconia will look just as dazzling at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you’ll technically get more for less!

Or wear something simple like a small gold heart-shaped charm on a mid-length gold chain.

We all like to be a little wild, but there are days we just want to keep it quiet and understated.

Of course, you can still be simple and elegant wearing layers of chic, thin link chains, keeping in line with this seasons fashion trends.

These too can sport a tasteful heart-shaped charm or coin, but remember to keep the pendant small.

Try wearing four or five thin gold chains of different lengths, perhaps having one or two with a single, small pendant.  This combination will suit any outfit, from jeans and t-shirt to smart office pantsuit.

It seems that pendants are showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact, this year they seem to be even more popular than before. A vast assortment of popular pendant shapes in all sizes, colors, and materials are available online and in shops.

From seashells and ‘80s hearts, dazzling bling whilst unapologetically bold, your wardrobe is crying out for these new looks.

And why not?

So much of today’s trendy fashion jewelry is available at a price that will suit almost any pocket.

Affordable, fun for everyone, if you have to wait until your next paycheck to spoil yourself, simply layer and mismatch what you have!

Do you have a favorite pendant shape or material?

Share in the comments below!

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